Just Ask Brandon Marshall

Matthew 20:1-16 I don’t usually offer commentary on the sermons I deliver to churches I serve. But this sermon starts slowly and not particularly well, and there’s a reason for that. Fred Craddock, one of the great preachers and teacher of preachers in the United States, tells us that certain sermons should be preached from… Continue reading Just Ask Brandon Marshall

Presidential Debates

As I sat down to watch the debates last night, and saw the eager facebook and twitter posts from friends hosting parties and debate drinking games, I remembered what it was like when election season was all about the game of the election to me. I still have friends who recognize that their lives will… Continue reading Presidential Debates

Memorial Day

Remember the dead. But remember them in life. It is easy to sum up a man’s life by his method of death, but each soldier who died had a life in the service and prior to the service. And it is the absence of those lives that tears at the fabric of our own lives… Continue reading Memorial Day


[written while on mission, edited afterward. This was originally the second of two postings] Thursday night, on the eve of our departure from our mission site. I am feeling even more ersatz Baptist than usual, as our Cooperative Baptist Fellowship mission group now consists of two ELCA Lutherans and a UCC minister playing a Baptist… Continue reading Missions