Keeping Christmas Well

Keeping Christmas well means keeping the lights burning, even after we think there is darkness. Remember, love, and tell stories.

Elsa, Anna, and Rebekah: How You Tell the Story

Didymus Thomas

Preached April 27, 2014 in Ankeny UCC by Rev. Nathan Willard
Sermon Text: John 20:19–31

We see Thomas in a moment of pain, confusion, and weakness. For this, he has been judged by the west as “Doubting Thomas.” But his story was different in India, where his disciples were found by Vasco De Gama in his search for Prester John. Thomas’s story was much greater than this one anecdote. Is it not the same for all of us? We have the opportunity to provide comfort and cover for those we encounter in their moments of weakness, and Thomas’s life tells us that we always have the opportunity to write another chapter, no matter how badly we think we’ve flubbed our chances.

Kings Shall Rise Up

Preached on January 19, 2014 in Ankeny UCC
Sermon Text: Isaiah 49:1-7

In this complicated text, we are able to experience it with different ears. And it reminds us that in this world, things we take for granted may look different to other people. On this Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, it is time to look at our advantages and understand how we have benefitted from subjugating other people, and resolve to be better.

Lighting Up the World

Preached by Nathan Willard on January 5, 2014 in Ankeny UCC
Sermon Text John 1:1-18

We get uncomfortable with the myths and mysteries of our faith, the things that go beyond our facts. With the incarnation, we are reminded that Jesus remains bigger than the worldview we can imagine. Here, we are able to transcend social boundaries and access the great narrative of God’s creation. We just need to bring the light to the borderlands of our society and remind them that they, too, are loved.