What Does Your Backside Look Like?

How do you know that you have been in God’s presence? Moses tried to convince God to manifest in the presence of Israel. But God challenged Moses as God challenges us, to figure out the meaning of God’s presence. We are challenged as Moses was challenged, to change our world as God changed the world in front of Moses. What is in our wake?

Sermon text: Exodus: 33:12-23 (also Matthew 22:15-22)

What Are We Supposed to Do?

Sermon Text: Matthew 21:33-46

We have the choice every day to steward better and live better. Jesus’s parable of the vineyard and tenants reminds us that it’s easy to mistake the story that God writes for one that we write. In worshipping God, we remind ourselves that we are not the owners of the world. We are just stewards.

Finding Ourselves in Human Form

Philippians gives us insight into Paul’s beliefs about the nature of Christ for the continuing community of Christ’s followers. Jesus found his unique nature in community with other humans. Jesus’s divinity and humanity were both located in relation to other humans. How do we keep relating and committing to one another, so we can find the divine and human in our lives?

Preached September 28, 2014 in Ankeny UCC