Finding Ourselves in Human Form

Philippians gives us insight into Paul’s beliefs about the nature of Christ for the continuing community of Christ’s followers. Jesus found his unique nature in community with other humans. Jesus’s divinity and humanity were both located in relation to other humans. How do we keep relating and committing to one another, so we can find the divine and human in our lives?

Preached September 28, 2014 in Ankeny UCC

We ARE Justified by Faith

We ARE Justified by Faith

A placeholder entry for commentary on the sermon offered May 26, 2013 at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Sylva, NC.

Romans 5:1-5

The general idea is that being justified by our faith gives us freedom to act, to follow through and be confident of our place as a loved child of God. I’m getting a little too much out of close reading word choices for someone that doesn’t know Greek, I think, but in the context of this section of Romans, it makes sense–Paul spends time explaining justification by faith and then turns to the implications of this, and I think we sometimes get trapped in the pressure that follows justification by faith, turning what should be a relief into worry.