Running to Resurrection

Preached April 20 (Easter!), 2014 in Ankeny UCC by Nathan Willard
Sermon Text: John 20:1–18

Mary was so overcome by the disappearance of Jesus that she ran back to the other disciples, who likewise ran back to the tomb. What does the resurrection compel us to do? What are we running to?

The Pain of Resurrection

Preached in Ankeny UCC by Rev. Nathan Willard
Sermon Text: John 11:1-45

Mary and Martha both suffer in their disappointment at Jesus’s failure to save their brother. We don’t hear Lazarus’s reaction to his resurrection, but we spend a long time with his sisters’ responses to his death. What do their reactions bring out in us? We mourn the loss of the friends we have known in different phases of their lives. While they may yet live, there is still loss. We don’t know what their life will be like after their crises, but we have the opportunity to find out.