Bask in the Light

We celebrate the shortest day of the year by reminding ourselves to pass on the light of Christ and bask in the light that came in the darkness.

The real sermon text is “The Shortest Day” by Susan Cooper.

Challenging Comfort

Mark sets out showing that old words can be re-heard in new places. He reminds us that we may fulfill the prophecies in Isaiah and draw strength from the God whose love is assured. And so can we, in this world where our fear of black men remains a danger to their lives.

The Kingdom and Keo Way

We are reminded in this commonly-cited passage that Christianity is a religion that speaks frequently of a judgement in the kingdom of God, even if we leave such judgements up to God. But as we try to build the kingdom of God, we also need to remember what Jesus has told us the kingdom will look like and what those who inherit it will have done: to treat all of God’s children as we would treat Jesus.

Love Is Not Passive

We talk about exploring Progressive Christian Theology every week in Ankeny UCC. What does that mean? What does that look like? It looks like expanding the kingdom of God and looking for expansive views of forgiveness and love even when we could find ways to shut the door on others.

note: I’m a little unfair to fundamentalist and unitarian interpretations of scripture here, for the sake of contrast.

Joined in the Light

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