What Kind Love

Preached February 2, 2014 by Rev. Nathan Willard
Sermon Text Micah 6:1-8

We are always blind to our own privilege, to the evils we have done in order to improve our own status. Micah warns us that placing blame on God for the just criticism we encounter is foolish. The story does not begin with the criticism, and does not even begin with our exploitation of those who have less than us, but it begins in God. All that we have came from the God who brought us out of exile.

Kings Shall Rise Up

Preached on January 19, 2014 in Ankeny UCC
Sermon Text: Isaiah 49:1-7

In this complicated text, we are able to experience it with different ears. And it reminds us that in this world, things we take for granted may look different to other people. On this Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, it is time to look at our advantages and understand how we have benefitted from subjugating other people, and resolve to be better.