Roma Day one

With only a few weeks left before the triumphant return to the United States, Beth insisted that we take at least one proper vacation. She suggested a week-long tour of italy, but I pointed out that either driving or taking the train between far-flung Italian cities would likely be extremely stressful for me, so we settled for five days in Rome.

Flying indepented AirOne airways out of London City was a dream. about 30 seconds to clear security, 30 minute checkin limit, all good.

In Rome, we breezed through passport control, got our bags and too the Leonardo Da Vinci Express into Termini station, at which point we found ourselves overrun by nuns and priests (and leading to the first gaffe of the trip, when Beth said, “oh, that priest is cute”, only to discover a few seconds later that he was, in fact, American). NB: if you want to see a huge congregation of catholic clergy, roll up on Rome on Corpus Christi.

After a few seconds of panic, we righted ourselves and walked down to the Hotel Saturnia, just down the street from Santa Maria Maggori. The hotel is…quaint. At least it (unexpectedly) has air conditioning. Can’t beat the location, either.

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